On 14th and 15th May the students of 6th primary from all schools in La Garrotxa took part in the annual English Day, an English celebration organized by CRP Garrotxa, and held at the local Pavelló Firal, with the collaboration of 3rdESO students.

The English Dayconsists of different activities and games organized by the English teachers, for the primary students. The activities are rich and varied: Word jumble, Spelling bee, Crazy cards, Missing vowels, Let’s guess, Verbingo, Doughnut, The opposite flag, Dicing, Running dictation… and include songs and a theatre play where the primary pupils are the actors. The main objective is practicing and improving the knowledge of this language while sharing a good time with pupils from other schools.

As instructors, we had to lead the different groups through the activities and explain them very clearly how to play, and above all, we had to use only English! We think the English Dayis a useful and fun celebration and the kids have a good time. For us, it was very interesting to collaborate and we also learnt a lot of things!